BEVSTMODE is a collective of creatives based out of Toronto. Raw, unadulterated, unfiltered. An unabashed celebration of our cities gross juxtaposition. We are the gritty, unrelenting voice of this culture and generation. An incubator for music, design, and global influence.

Embarking on a new journey, we look to expand with new elements to the brand, through production and management, we introduce :

Zepfire (Producer)
Litewrks (Producer/DJ)
Chris Beats(Producer)
CRSB (Producer/DJ)
Ryan Playground (DJ/Producer/Musician/Saintwoods)

This compilation features production from Zepfrie, Chris Beats and Litewrks. Stay tuned for further details and more music from the name you’ve grown to trust.



Noisey Canada Presents BEVSTMODE Showcase

July 11th

New LabelĀ